Hello Big World

I swore that I wouldn’t blog about Second Life.  There was a real life blog (on books, on writing) that I was neglecting, as well as other stuff I should be writing, and I didn’t want to have something else eating my time.  (Oh what a juggling trick this SL thing invariably is!)

But I’ve been inworld for almost four years now,  and have fallen deeply in love, not only with Second Life but with the possibilities that virtual worlds offer.  I’ve fallen in love with beautiful sims, great building, and the art … especially the three-dimensional interactive stuff.  I’ve learned how to create pictures from my screenshots which gives me a lot of pleasure and stretches a visual aspect of my brain I didn’t know I had; and even though I have no art training whatsoever, I sometimes end up with images that please other people and I’ve even won one or two prizes in contests.

Above all though, I’ve made friends across the world with some very special people and I’m completely aware that these friendships would not have been possible in any other way.

I reckon it’s time to give something back and the best way I can do that (in lieu of being a great builder, content creator, event organiser, or teacher) to use words and images to share my favourite places and important experiences with the wider world so that others can find their way to them and enjoy them as much as I have.  At one time I thought it would be nice to open a virtual travel agency, conducting tours to all of the most amazing places in the metaverse, and I may still do so.  But in the mean time, I hope on this blog to point the way to some of my favourite places and show you just what makes SL so special.

Blogs always evolve over time, and it will be interesting to see where this one goes and whether it gets any readers over time.   But I’m going to be laid back about it.


About loquacialoon

A writer's muse takes an extended vacation in Second Life
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