Loquacia was born in July 2007 and didn’t really find true purpose in her Second Life existence until she discovered that photography is one of the best ways to enjoy and participate in the creativity of Second Life.

She started posting pictures to Koinup (www.koinup.com) as a way of recording her every day adventures, but soon discovered that there were people making amazing art from their in-world photographs, and the hunger to make strong images of her own was created.

She is fascinated by windows – the way that images are framed, and refracted or transformed by layers of glass – and is working on a project to take photos from windows across Second Life. She also loves taking pictures of the (recreated!) natural world, especially of trees and flowers, and is drawn to repeated patterns.

Loquacia’s real life counterpart is not an artist, but works with words as a creative writing teacher, teacher-trainer,  writer, editor and literary blogger : http://thebookaholic.blogspot.com.

Now she’s also turned indie publisher.

She is British, but has lived in Malaysia for the past 26 years (yeah, she’s a little older than her glam avi!) and hopes to encourage more of Malaysia’s arts community into Second Life.


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